Dell Laptop Comparison Chart Available
Are you looking for a student laptop? There are two recommended student laptops on the Dell Premier Site: Dell Latitude 3150 and Dell Latitude 3340. Before you buy, be sure to compare using the comparison chart built for your convenience.
New Laptop Model Available for Purchase
There’s a new laptop model available for purchase and use in our district. Check out the Dell Latitude E5550 currently available for purchase through our Dell Premier site.
Tech Support Reminders for the New School Year
The Technology Operations and Support (TOS) staff would like to welcome everyone to the new school year and take this opportunity to give you some updated information about technology issues you may encounter this year:

  • When submitting a support ticket in the Desktop Support System, please include the following information to ensure we can troubleshoot your issue with efficiency: computer hostname and/or IP address. This information should be visible as white text on the Windows desktop background.

  • When using the CPSB email system, please ensure you have entered information into the subject line. Any blank subject lines will be discarded by our email system and viewed as spam by the email filters; you will receive a “bounce back” email notifying you the email was not sent due to security policies.

  • Wireless access is enabled upon proper registration of wireless equipment with the Technology Operations and Support Center (TOS). To ensure proper registration, please submit a tech support request at http://help.cpsb.org. Please include your name and the computer serial number (and the CPSB asset tag number). This process will also ensure proper administrative rights on the laptop.

  • Visit the CPSB Technology Operations Support Center website at http://help.cpsb.org. The website offers many resources that support the district including tech guides of common issues, purchasing information for technology resources, recommendations for technology purchases, and notifications of technology issues. It is a valuable resource to get help.

  • If you are writing grants or buying any technology, please visit the support website at http://help.cpsb.org. Only the exact computer models and configurations posted there will be supported and placed on the network. Buying a Dell computer or any other type in a retail store will result in your returning it due to non-support.

The Technology Operations and Support Center staff is always busy with repairing computers and creating support materials to help you with your technology needs.
New Laptop Models Available for Purchase
New laptops are now available for purchase and use in our district. The Dell Latitude E3340 and Latitude E5540 are currently available for purchase through our Dell Premier site.
Important End of School Year Technology Information
Wish the closing of school, employees have many questions regarding repairs and procedures regarding the computers in their classroom. Please review the following information to know what you should do regarding technology in your classroom:

  • If you have been notified through the Tech Support Help Desk system that your hardware repair is authorized to be brought in, you should bring in your equipment by May 30, 2014 in order for it to be repaired before the beginning of school in August. All repairs must be submitted to Tech Support via the Help Desk System for processing. Please review the guidelines for repairs at http://help.cpsb.org. If you have any equipment for which you been notified that the repair is complete, please make arrangements to have this equipment picked up by the end of the day on May 30, 2014.

  • All network equipment (servers, switches, wireless access points, etc.) should NOT be turned off during the summer. If you have any questions about equipment, please call Tech Support at 217-HELP (4357).

  • We are able to reimage computers over the network, but this will require the computer to be powered on and connected to the network for the process to be implemented. Please submit a support ticket at http://help.cpsb.org, and it can be scheduled with a help desk specialist. All computers can be turned off and power cables unplugged from the wall. Make sure that when you return from the summer you check your classroom computer’s Forefront Endpoint Protection updates to make sure you have a green shield icon in the system tray and allow Windows updates to make sure your computer is updated with the current version.

  • If you do not check your CPSB email during summer, your mailbox will fill up and all messages sent to your account will begin to be rejected. On June 27th, 2014, the network staff will delete ALL messages in ALL FULL mailboxes in order to prepare the mail server for the start of school. If you wish to avoid a full mailbox and having all of the messages deleted at the end of summer, you will need to check and manage your mail. You can check your email by using any Internet service and browser to which you have access and going to http://webmail.cpsb.org or by going up to school periodically and downloading your mail to your computer.

  • iPad Storage

    • Fully charge the battery.

    • Power off the iPad by holding the “Sleep/Wake” button located on the top right-hand corner of the iPad until you are prompted to “slide to power off.” Then slide your finger across prompt to power off.

    • Store iPads in a secure location (locked cabinet, closet, office, etc.).

    • To prevent cracked screens, DO NOT store iPads one on top of the other. Store iPads upright, like books on a shelf.

The Tech Support Center Staff would like to thank you all for another great school year. We would like to inform everyone that the Tech Support Center staff does work through the summer to handle CPSB tech related questions. You can reach us by phone at 217-HELP (4357) or submit an online support request for assistance at http://help.cpsb.org. The request will be reviewed by a help desk specialist. (Use this guide at http://help.cpsb.org/documents.aspx for assistance with the online support request process.) The Technology Support Center always stands ready to help you with your technology needs.

Reminder: The Tech Support Center is located at 1732 Kirkman St., Lake Charles, LA 70601. Parking is reserved for loading and unloading equipment on 9th Street.
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